Healthy Eating

All of our settings hold a 5 star Food Hygiene Rating

Leading the way in child nutrition

At Caring Kindergartens we don’t want to be another nursery who simply just states that we “provide healthy nutritious meals”. We are proud to say that Caring Kindergartens are the first nursery to have our specially created menus nutritionally analysed to ensure that your child has a healthy diet, giving you peace of mind knowing that CK are actually doing what they say. Our breakfast, snack, lunch and tea menus have been put together by our expert, nutritionalist team and are consistent across all of our nurseries. Each nursery has its own in-house cook who prepare fresh meals every day, and ensure that any child with special dietary requirements have specially prepared food to accommodate this. Meal times are also an opportunity to educate children on table manners and etiquette; we believe this is very important for all children and their preparation for integrating confidently in their further schooling.


Very good food hygiene ratingAll of our settings hold a 5 star Food Hygiene Rating and we follow the advice from the Catherine Walker Trust. We are very proud of our high standards with offering healthier food choices and the healthy environment in which it is offered. These values are adopted across all of our nurseries.

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