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Safety is paramount in all settings

Safety is paramount in all settings

Each Caring Kindergartens Day Nursery adheres to policies & procedures that ensure they all deliver childcare to a high level whilst maintaining an environment that exceeds Health & Safety standards. This is done with the backing of a specialist company who work with Caring Kindergartens on a consultancy basis.

Security is paramount in all settings and the robust policy in place ensures that maximum protection of your child when in our care, is considered at all times by everyone. We operate a secure, sign in/out entry system. No child is allowed to leave the setting with any person whom staff cannot identify or who is not a nominated contact person with satisfactory ID or passwords. When visitors are apparent at the nursery, they must sign in and out, whilst being closely supervised for the duration of their stay.

In addition, no staff, outside contractors or external agencies are permitted to carry their mobile phone or camera when in the nursery.

The Nursery Manager works alongside the appointed company Health & Safety Co-ordinator to comply with all Health & Safety laws and regulations. Equipment, appliances and power sources are all checked and inspected on a consistent basis that is in keeping with the standard requirements within these laws. The nursery, staff and children themselves are involved with regular ‘practice’ fire evacuations so we can monitor everyone’s ability to vacate in case of any such emergency. This also supports the children’s understanding of their own self-awareness.

Safeguarding is given a high priority within the nursery. There are strong procedures in place to ensure that the safety of children and staff within the setting is always considered. Our safeguarding procedure has also been commended by Ofsted through a recent inspection at a setting – they have acknowledged the good training of our nursery practitioners, their understanding and up to date knowledge as well as the on-going support that they receive in this specialised area.

Caring Kindergartens take pride in their attention to detail regarding Health & Safety and the reassurance that it must be for all parents to know that your child is in very SAFE hands.

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