Mouton Park

“Excellent place for learning and developing. Very structured nursery that gives peace of mind for my child’s wellbeing. Brilliant caring staff that really know what’s best for my daughter. All nutritional needs are met with an outstanding approach to new and challenging diets. My daughter suffers with cow’s milk, soya and oat intolerance but I have found their chef has done her research every time to not single out any child’s diet issues.”
Lindsay Murphy

“My daughter has attended this nursery for two and a half years and I highly recommend the team and the nursery methodology. They have such a well-balanced structure that has helped my daughter learn, play and deal with all types of situations throughout her time there. The team are friendly and most importantly trustworthy and I wouldn’t question the training they have as I think they are all very very capable.”
Charlotte Haley

“Although this is the only nursery my son has attended, I have had previous dealings with nurseries and child minders with my other son in the past. I have been so pleasantly surprised with the outstanding level of care my son has received from staff members who genuinely take a personal interest in the children they look after and really get to know them all. My son is happy, comes home full of stories and chatter, is confident with his peers and people in general, is challenged and constantly learning new skills, new topics and about the outside world. I would not hesitate to recommend this nursery to others; they are outstanding in all the things that really matter.”
Lorna Nix


“My son has been cared for by the staff at Caring Kindergartens (Daventry) since he was four months old and is now just about to celebrate his third birthday. During that time he has always bounded in with a smile and ran out beaming! I am so happy with his development, which is in part due to the wonderful nurturing and care which the staff provide. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to anyone who wants their child to have the best care possible.”
Rowena Barrett

“I cannot praise highly enough the staff at Caring Kindergarten in Daventry. My daughter cannot wait to get there every morning. The activities are diverse. The facilities are extremely clean (I love the slippers only policy). Most importantly the nursery has embraced my daughter’s dual nationality and has purchased French books to help her develop her language skills. The staff go above and beyond what I would expect in a nursery.”
Anne-Sophie R

“Thank you to all the staff who has been with Finnley during his time at CK, together you have all created an environment where he has felt comfortable & happy to be himself and has therefore thrived. To think that only two years ago the whole nursery experience filled us with dread but thanks to you has made it plain sailing and part of our daily life. We now look forward to Georgia joining you next year.”
The Bullock family


“My son has been at CK since 8 months old and has now started school a confident, well adjusted, clever little boy with a solid understanding of phonics/numbers etc. The work of this nursery and its amazing staff is wonderful. No wonder it has an outstanding Ofsted rating.”
Cetti Long

“The staff at Caring Kindergartens are polite, helpful, friendly and professional. All 3 of our children have attended this nursery. We wouldn’t feel comfortable taking our children anywhere else. They all love nursery, all the staff know the children’s names and the children feel happy and safe. As a parent, I feel my children are happy and safe, having fun whilst learning.”
Mary-Jane K

“Caring Kindergartens is by far the best nursery/pre-school in the area. My eldest son attended around 15 years ago and my youngest child has been there for nearly 3 years. I cannot praise this setting enough. The staff are friendly, helpful, approachable and the nursery manager is absolutely fantastic, she is always on hand to provide any support and advice. My son thoroughly enjoys his setting and the structure to his day (in fact sometimes he asks to go at the weekend!). My son has come on in leaps and bounds since being in his placement and he is a happy, carefree, independent child, I think a lot of this is due to Caring Kindergartens. Both the nursery and pre-school are fantastic. The pre-school has many activities that he loves; he recently went for a walk in the woods and always chats about what he and his friends did. They have an author coming into the pre-school shortly and my son is very excited about this, there is also the opportunity to purchase a signed book! The newsletter is fantastic as it tells you what activities are coming up and what can be done at home. The staff have fully supported my son and me with his toilet issues and are always on hand to provide any other advice on any issues that arise at home. My son loves the home cooked meals and it`s great when they put out little snacks for the parents to try!! The nursery/pre-school have weekend activities sometimes, craft open day, Christmas fayre, which is a great way to meet the other parents and for the children to have a special get together. At Christmas, my son was in the nativity and the way it was run was fantastic and all the children and parents were very pleased with their performance. I am definitely going to be very sad when my son leaves in September. Taking and picking my son up from the pre-school/nursery is always a pleasurable experience and I am going to miss the staff very much, I`m sure my son will miss them more!! A massive thank you and praise should go to this setting. I would highly recommend this nursery/pre-school.”
Sarah Prosser


“Caring Kindergartens is a nurturing environment for pre-school children. The staff are amazing. Their care and hard work ensured our daughter had the best start to her educational career. The activities, at all stages from baby to preschool are fun and engaging. They encourage enquiring minds and creativity. We would highly recommend Caring Kindergartens.”
Elisabeth P

“My eldest son whom is now age 5 attended Caring Kindergartens, Wellingborough from the age of 10 months and my second son, also 10 months is currently in the process of settling into the nursery. I cannot express how supportive, re-assuring and approachable the staff are, in particular the manager who has provided me with sound advice in the best way to settle my second, more clingy child, whilst also being supportive about how hard it is to leave him. I completely trust the staff at Caring Kindergartens; therefore this time around I had no hesitation about sending my second child there. My first child had a rich, varied and wonderful experience at nursery which has stood him in good stead for the transition into school life. The routines provide children with stability and the staff genuinely do care about the children they look after. My son even wanted to name his baby brother after one of the members of staff! One of the things I love about the nursery are the detailed hand overs when picking up your child, you get to know exactly what they have done, how much they have eaten, slept and nappy detail!! This was reassuring and also meant I still felt like I knew what they had done all day. The outdoor space is wonderful and children get to go outdoors as much as possible. Caring Kindergartens offer a good range of food at meal and snack times which are very nutritional. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this nursery, if you are considering sending your child to nursery I would say go and look around and see for yourself. Leaving your child is never easy but it is made easier by the quality of care provided here and I can go to work happy in the knowledge that my child is being well looked after.”
Claire Iweka

“Thank you so much for taking good care of me…from when I was just over 1 through to now. My Mummy & Daddy left me in your care…I could not even walk yet when I was first started. You have all been there from my first steps, my first new words, my first new discoveries and now my new school. Thank you for helping to make me the confident young boy that I am today.”

Stratford Upon Avon

“Thank you all so much for everything. Reuben has had such an amazing few years. You have helped to make him the great boy he is and will truly miss you.”
Reuben C and Family

“Dear Miss Nicola and the team. Thank you for looking after Martha this year. She has enjoyed playing with you and making new friends at Nursery. We will keep in touch to let you know how things are going. You always give us such a warm welcome and are so friendly, so thank you.”
Martha and Family

“We think the food provided is very good and Mary is a very good cook and lovely with the children too.”
Reuben F and Family


“I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to the nursery manager Kim and her team for looking after my son so well. I have felt that the process of Reece joining CK nursery has been pleasant and the transition from first look around to taster sessions and then completing relevant paperwork has gone really smoothly and so far I am really impressed with the service you are providing for my son. The support I have received has been fantastic and very reassuring when I have spoken to staff over the telephone when I have called to ask how he has been and its helped my decision to remain at work and for the nursery to continue to look after my son. He has achieved so much already in his first weeks, his confidence has doubled and mixing with others, also I was overjoyed to see a picture of Reece and his ‘first week at nursery’ – he looks so comfortable in his surroundings.”
L Shorter

“The nursery is lovely, especially the garden. Staff are extremely friendly and welcoming. My daughter has seemed to settle very quickly and we are looking forward to seeing her progress at the nursery.”
E Bennett

“We are really pleased with how our daughter has settled into nursery; she is always excited to go and usually doesn’t want to come home. Thank you all so much for helping her to settle so quickly and all the excellent care your provide.”
E Franke

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