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Ladybirds children

Our typical day for children age 2-3 years

Our typical day in Ladybirds…

Breakfast Time
Children who attend get a choice of healthy cereals or fruits with milk or water to drink.

Free Play
Children choose from a variety of carpet toys and table activities selected by staff or free choice from our low level units.

Nappy check

Art time
A great opportunity to experience paints, sticking, sand, water play and home corner activities.

Healthy gold award winning snacks and drinks with 4 weekly rolling menu.

Nappy change/group time
This is a great opportunity for the Ladybird children to build their confidence through sharing games and interests.

Outdoor play/indoor play
If outside play is not suitable, physical activities will be planned for inside so every child is able to develop their physical development daily.

Nappy check/toileting/music/story time
Favourite songs, story and song sacks to capture their imagination.

A social time with peers and key people, a great opportunity to support nutrition, health and self care skills.

Toileting/brush teeth/sleep/quiet time
Time to recharge ready for the afternoon or home time.

Waking up/nappy change/group time
We follow parent’s wishes for length of sleep but all children are allowed to wake up calmly with reassurance and comfort from staff.

Healthy gold award winning snacks and drinks with 4 weekly rolling menu.

Art activities
Creative activities that encourage the children’s senses and interests through sticking and recycling, water, sand and role play.

Outdoor play/indoor play
Large physical activities, the weather doesn’t stop us, we can have large equipment inside for children to explore.

Toileting/nappy check

Afternoon tea
This afternoon tea is ample to see them through till bed time.

5.00pm – 6.00pm
Free play and choice for tomorrow
Older children are given opportunities to help tidy up and choose new activities for the next day encouraging self-care skills and independence.

Toileting is throughout the day with children being at different stages from nappies to full time pants.

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